Single APP –
numerous options

Save, pay and transfer your funds all over the world.

B2B and P2P Services

P2P transfers through Kazapay account

Kazapay provides individuals and businesses manage their funds in the most flexible way and with lowest fees. Wallet clients are independent experts and workers, small local and large global companies.

IBAN Accounts

Every Kazapay account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Number) which allows business clients to send funds through the bank transfer to any place over the world.

Spend your money anywhere

Get cash, quick

With the Kazapay Mastercard® card, so you can withraw cash at any ATM worldwide.

Make payments

Use the Kazapay Mastercard® card to purchase at stores and online.

Transfer money

Send funds to local bank accounts in any country and +35 currencies or another Kazapay account instantly.

Multi-currency environment

Pay online

Order Kazapay bank card card to pay online.

Transfer funds

Move funds to local bank accounts across the globe in multi-currency environment or to another Kazapay account instantly.

Get everything in one click

With Kazapay eWallet, you get notifications and updates online in your mobile.

Low rates

We keep the lowest fee policy to bring you the freedom of the choice.

Simple exhcange

Get any currency to send funds with the lowest rates.


Use Kazapay cash back advantages to profit from your online shopping activities.

European IBAN account for payments in euro

Open a European IBAN account online, without visiting the Bank. Accept payments from international customers and global marketplaces. Send money to your partners to bank accounts in Europe.

0% rates

for P2P transfers inside of Kazapay wallet

121 countries

support transfers in EUR by IBAN

Customised to serve all

individuals and eBusiness

Premium plastic and virtual card

Use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs, make purchases online and in stores worldwide
From 1$

monthly maintenance fee

From 2$

ATM withdrawal fee

From 5 days

time of card delivery

0 rates to transfer funds

Wherever you are, there is no charge to pay for goods and services

Pay-outs through partners

Take out cash in the local currency of wherever you are

Suitable virtual card

for your online shopping and orders


card order
service (per month)

The example of card service is for informational purposes only and is not a public offer.

Get your card delivered anywhere

Affiliate programm

5% reward

You get rewarded every time your referral makes a payment or gets paid through Kazapay. These are credited in the currency in which the transaction is carried out

5% is paid from Kazapay commission revenues, excluding the shipping and re-issuing of Kazapay cards, receiving payments on the Kazapay e-Wallet, cash withdrawal at ATMs and at banks. 0.05% is are percentages from the amount of POS operations.

Bespoke links

You can create links and incorporate a brand name or traffic channel text into them

Fast rewards

You receive rewards on a separate ewallet instantly

Slick API

Our easy integration enables you to create links and track their status without entering the personal area and revenue statistics for each link